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As far as Dorothy Watts was concerned, her daughter was going to be a star. This caused friction between Dorothy and Joshua Watts, a newlywed couple who had a hand in the entertainment industry. Dorothy wrote comic books and Joshua worked as a grip on films. The last thing that the new father wanted was to shove his daughter into showbiz and Dorothy wanted to get her involved as soon as she could, sending her out even as a very young girl to get an agent. By the time that their daughter named Penelope, but called Ellie, was one years old, they were getting a divorce.

From Ellie’s perspective, her childhood was her normal. From the moment she could talk, she was doing commercials and on sets. Her natural charisma and bubbly personality led to her getting a lot of work but Dorothy wanted more, she wanted her daughter to be a star. When she wasn’t working on her own career, she was fine tuning Ellie’s. At first Ellie loved being the center of attention, but as her career picked up she started to get tired. Long days on sets were hard for the little girl and she found herself almost always surrounded by adults instead of little kids. She longed to have friends that she could call her own but her mother kept pushing her and pushing her. The only comfort that she found was through reading comic books and pretending those superheroes splashed across the pages were her friends.

When she was sixteen, Ellie put her foot down. She decided she was going to leave the business and wanted to officially emancipate herself so she didn’t have to live with her mother anymore, who always had primary custody of her. With her father’s help, they managed to make that happen and she went to live with him and, for the first time in her life, set foot into a normal high school. After being homeschooled for so many years it was strange for Ellie to find her footing and ground but she managed to make it happen and got a group of friends and a boyfriend. For the first time in her life, Ellie felt like a normal girl who was doing normal girl things. It felt like she had a lot of catching up to do so she tried to cram everything that she could into those two years before she graduated from high school, which included running away and getting married the day after her high school graduated to her boyfriend, Bobby.

Ellie longed to be in love, to have someone love her, to feel as though she was a person and not a play thing. Her thoughts on marriage were so off base and for a girl who didn’t know what it was like to be ‘normal’ it was probably not the best way to do it. They were both way too young, didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, and they were split up a year after getting married, with a divorce finalized the following year. A dejected Ellie went back to live with her father, waiting tables and trying her best to keep her money from her childhood safe and secure. That was when she met David Harrison.

At first glance, he was the wrong guy for her. David was older than her, he was a little rough around the edges, but that is what drew Ellie like a moth to a flame. He was a regular in the restaurant she worked in and always would make it a point to be seated in her section. The two started dating and quickly Ellie found herself completely head over heels in love with the guy. Her father was not as impressed, especially with one failed marriage already behind her, he wanted his daughter to slow down, but David soon proposed and how could she say no? Even though her father didn’t approve, she quickly started planning her wedding and the two were soon married and moved nearby to Ellie’s father’s house. He was still not happy or satisfied with the marriage and David sensed his discomfort. A suggestion to move to the East Coast, so the new couple could be close to David’s family soon followed and Ellie blindly went with whatever her husband wanted to do.

That blind trust and faith in her husband led to a strange pattern of abuse that Ellie didn’t notice right away. Moving away from her family and friends and now only having David was strange for Ellie at first. When she mentioned that she wanted to find a job, so she could get out of the house, David told her she didn’t need one and that she could stay home. Ellie, never one to back down from a fight, told him that she wanted something part time, at least for a little while. He eventually allowed it, although he constantly kept tabs on her, wondering where she was, if she came home late it was always question after question. The strange behavior crept in over time until Ellie realized that the man she was living with was not the one she had thought she had married. When she realized that she needed to get out, she called her father to have him help her file for divorce and get out. She couldn’t go back to California because he could look there but she could go somewhere else. She came up with Boston and moved all of her belongings that she could take with her to a new city.

Ellie did odd jobs here and there, working as both a waitress and a bartender, working for a temp agency at one point, until it dawned on her that she could open up her own store and sell things. She always liked lingerie, it made her feel like a strong woman, and she wanted to empower other women as well so two years ago she opened up her own store called The Pretty Kitty, a high end boutique lingerie store, and she has been doing fairly well. She’s still goofy and maybe a little too prone to falling in love but she’s grown guarded over the years and through her experiences. She’s just trying to live life day by day and see what new adventure awaits her.
⤑ name penelope ruth watts ⤑ nickname ellie, el ⤑ comicverse hellcat ⤑ date of birth + age november 29, 1985 + 31 ⤑ birthplace + raised los angeles, ca ⤑ current residence boston, ma ⤑ occupation owner of the pretty kitty ⤑ former occupation child actress + model ⤑ relationship status single
Patricia Walker was born and raised in Centerville, California the only daughter of Joshua and Dorothy Walker, a comic book writer. While she was still a child her mother acted as her agent, helping her at modeling and commercial work. Dorothy Walker’s greatest success was the creation of a comic book named after her young daughter, featuring romantic adventures of Patsy and her real-life friends as teenagers. The Patsy Walker comic book was very popular and continued for over a decade as Patsy grew into and out of her teens. Patsy Walker felt very strange about her mother’s fictionalized exploitation of her and was relieved when the series ceased publication. Constantly exposed to comic books, Walker grew up to idolize the heroes her mother’s colleagues wrote about and developed a crush on Reed Richards. However, she ceased daydreaming soon after high school and married her childhood friend, Robert "Buzz" Baxter (who had appeared in the Patsy Walker comic as her romantic interest). Baxter was in the officers training program of the Air Force, and Walker spent the next several years of her life on a number of Air Force bases.

While her husband was assigned to a security post at the heavily government-subsidized Brand Corporation in New Jersey, Patsy met the Beast and learned his secret identity. Walker had long idolized "super-heroes," and she elicited the promise from him that in exchange for keeping his secret, he would help her become a "super heroine".Walker's marriage eventually came to a bitter end, and she sought out the Beast, who was now a member of the Avengers, to remind him of his promise. Tagging along with the Avengers to investigate criminal activities at the Brand Corporation, she became imprisoned along with the heroes by the Corporation and her ex-husband. After they freed themselves, Walker discovered the Cat Suit worn by Greer Nelson in her identity as the "Cat". Putting the costume on, Walker dubbed herself "Hellcat" and used her natural athletic abilities to help the Avengers.
powers superhuman strength
superhuman speed
superhuman agility
superhuman endurance
superhuman reflexes
costume summoning
titanian enhancements
    slight telekinesis
    mental control resistance
    psychokinetic force-blast
    infrared spectrum senses
    mystical energy detection
abilities hand-to-hand combat
items catsuit
shadow cloak
memories memories of hellcat
memories of relationships/marriages
comic parallels • same intials.
• born and raised in california.
• mother is a comic book writer.
• mother pushed her into fame from a very young age.
• twice divorced.
point of canon
hellcat is pulled from Earth 616.
facts • ellie doesn't like to talk about her child actor days. it's gotten easier as she's gotten older that, even if people do recognize her, they really can't remember what it's from.

• she's still very close to her father and hasn't spoken to her mother since she emancipated herself at sixteen.

• she has two younger half-siblings who she wished that she would have gotten to know better. she tries to make contact with them every now and again to form some kind of relationship with varying results.

• since she was a young girl she's been obsessed with comic books and video games. she's also a fan of tabletop gaming but she doesn't do that nearly as frequently as she used to.

• she loves to be in love and she tends to find herself falling in love too quickly. she knows this is a weakness for her and she tries her best to avoid it.